A mile in these Hooves

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IMG_6511-SMALL-for-webCountry: USA , 2014/
Director: James Brylowski/
Writer: James Brylowski/
Synopsis: Solid Porcupine Inc., the Toronto-based film and television production company, presents a new fifteen minute short comedic film entitled A Mile in These Hooves.  The film, an epic buddy comedy about two best friends/adopted brothers who set out to break the world record for longest distance travelled on foot in a two-person outfit, was written and directed by James Brylowski.  In this film, the two brothers, played by Ned Petrie and Jordan Gray, create a two-person donkey outfit and begin their 3400 KM trek from Toronto, Canada to Los Angeles, California.  Soon after leaving, the brothers comprehend the level of commitment necessary to walk across a continent in a donkey outfit./
Cast: Jordan Gray, Ned Petrie, Tara Koehler

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